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Training at GoodFellas

From Puppy to Adult, GoodFellas Training Program can provide you with the tools you need to raise a well mannered member of the family!

GoodFellas Training is not clicker or treat based training.  All dogs learn differently and often at varied paces.  Our training is "results oriented" and adjusted to meet the needs of your dog, with the use of praising good behavior and correcting bad behavior.  Just like human children, your dog will learn faster when you praise him and celebrate the good stuff, but you also need to tell him when he is doing something wrong to.  

At GoodFellas we train You to effectively communicate with your dog with the use of your voice, leash and your body language.  Because what you do in dog training carries equal weight to how you do it!

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7:30pm Puppy Social


Course Requirements

>>Because so much important information is provided during Week 1 of training, all participants must attend Week 1 of class. 

>>Dogs participating in training-only, are not required to be spayed or neutered.

>>Proof of vaccinations
(Rabies and Distemper for adult dogs and Puppies are required age appropriate vaccinations and a clean fecal test)

>>Dogs must be on a nylon or leather leash.
  (no Flexi or retractable leashes or chains)

>>Any preferred collar or harness is acceptable

>>Comfortable shoes and clothing
(no high heels or flip-flops)

>>Your dogs favorite toy and/or treats.

Group Courses Offered
All group courses are 1 full hour in length and meet once a week for six weeks
Cost $250.00

Puppy Social
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Puppies 6 months and younger are welcome to attend our Puppy Social!   Puppy Social is a great opportunity for your pup to learn some basic obedience skills and the difference between good behavior and unacceptable behavior.  We complete exercises to help build confidence and teach good social skills as they socialize and learn with other puppies under the careful leadership of our Trainer.

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience is a comprehensive class where we teach on-leash, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, line-of-sight recall, out-of-sight recall, leadership, bonding and confidence building exercises with the use of agility equipment, "stranger danger" and more!

Intermediate Obedience
Want more reliability?  In Intermediate Obedience, we strengthen Basic Obedience skills by adding duration, distance and distractions as we begin the transition to off-leash skills!  This course reinforces basic obedience disciplines to include heeling while off-leash.

Intermediate Obedience II
We continue to work on Intermediate Obedience with added duration, distance and distractions.  Some classes may be held off-site.

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